Friday 3/13/20


For Time:
2:00 Plank Hold,
100 Back Squats 135/95,
2:00 Plank Hold.
5 Bar over burpees every time the
bar is put down.

Important Announcement on Attendance at Helo in relation to the Coronavirus.
After serious reflection and the recognition that we do not wish to close the box, but any outbreak of Coronavirus would be devastating to us at Helo, to those over the age of 60, and further to the entire community at Helo, we are putting in place the following attendance restrictions, which we ask that all members read and adhere to.
Starting today, and until further notice, for any member that flies anywhere, we will be asking that you wait a minimum of 5 days before returning to Helo, to self monitor your own health. For anyone traveling out of country, or is in high risk designated areas, including traveling through airports in Seattle, New York, and California, in addition to overseas, and may likely have been exposed, we are asking that you wait 15 days before returning to the box.
Also, if you have any kind of respiratory illness, please also stay home until you feel better.
We realize this is an unprecedented area and that this will inconvenience several members but for the greater good of all of us, Alecio and I believe we need to put this measure in place.
We will provide home workouts to any member that is not able to attend due to travel restrictions at their request, or if that is not desired, a partial refund of their month (if they fall under the 15 day category only).
Please recognize that we do not want to exclude anyone and are only trying to act as responsible owners.
Thank you and we appreciate all of you as always!
Best Regards,
Alecio & Julia
Owners of CF Helo