8455 South Welby Farm Road, Units B & C West Jordan UT 84088  801-209-8577
We started working on opening a box in 2011. With both of us passionate about CrossFit, what started out as a conversation quickly turned into searches for the best location and numerous other efforts, as we explored what it would take to make our dream a reality. After a series of happenings that delayed the process, including Alecio’s mom getting very sick, we decided perhaps it wasn’t the best time to open our box and we put it on the back burner.  Yet, with the passing of Alecio’s mom in the spring of 2013, and our first baby on the way, we decided that sometimes you have got to go after the things you want, the things you dream about, or else life passes you by, and we took the risk in going after our box again. As a result of that decision, we persevered and after some blood, sweat, and tears – in September of 2013 we opened and we are proud to welcome you to CrossFit Helo.  CrossFit Helo is a tribute to our first son and to Alecio’s mom, Suzon.  By way of a story, our first son (who was born on August 3, 2013), is named Tristan Helo.  The Helo came about because the first time we heard his heartbeat, going whomp, whomp, whomp, Julia thought he sounded like a little helicopter – a Helo.  For Alecio’s mom – you will see a tribute or motto inside our gym “I will not let you down.”  There are many interpretations of that saying and we hope each of you will take from it what you will – but for Alecio, that motto is directly tied to Suzon.  We share these two things with you because we feel that CrossFit Helo members are our family and we want to provide a strength and conditioning program that not only gets you stronger but we want you to know that we care about each of you, such that we want to improve your fitness in a way that will increase the general well-being in every aspect of your life.  We are lucky to now also have our second son, River, and hope you will step through our doors and find a positive, happy, fun, safe environment, where you are encouraged and inspired.  We will not let you down.

Best Regards,

Alecio Mejia & Julia Kyte



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