8455 South Welby Farm Road, Units B & C West Jordan Ut 84088  801-209-8577
West Jordan’s premier strength and conditioning box.


We are happy to say that as of September 14th, 2019, we have moved down the road to our new location.

New Address: 8455 South Welby Farm Road, Units B and C, West Jordan Utah 84088

This facility is slightly bigger than our current space and we are proud to continue to offer the highest level of CrossFit services with quality coaching and the same full schedule for our members.  We anticipate being in this location until late spring of 2020, when CrossFit Helo’s permanent location will be built at 8018 South Welby Park Drive, Units 209 and 210, West Jordan Utah 84088!  Thank you for your support and please come check us out! x
At CrossFit Helo in West Jordan, we welcome all individuals. Our philosophy is that we provide a safe environment where quality of movement is key. Our coaches are focused on technique and form which will always be reinforced. We believe that every repetition, whether it is a movement involving one pound or five hundred pounds, should be performed the same way. The skills learned and instruction given during classes should transfer into all aspects of everyday life in a healthy, fun, and positive manner.  Come play in our 4400 sf facility which features indoor turf, a kids’ room, and where you can step outside and enjoy the panoramic view of the Wasatch Mountains.  We are a CrossFit affiliate with a CrossFit Kids’ program and are outfitted entirely with Rogue equipment. We hope you will come join our community – if you do we will not let you down! 


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Friday 2/28/20

WOD EMOM X 20 Minutes: Odd Minute Movement 1, Even Minute Movement 2. Athletes can pick two movements to work... Read More →


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