Wednesday 8/7/19


Strict Press
Push Press
Do all the strict press and then
do the press press. Build in weight as you go.

We Interrupt the Regular Tuesday Night Musings for this Exciting News Flash! 

A special announcement brought to you by the Owners (Alecio and Julia). 

We are happy and delighted to announce that we have found a temporary space to relocate Helo while we wait for our permanent space that we have bought to be built next door and that should be ready in the spring! 

Regarding the temporary space – it is actually only about 1 mile away, as it’s on the other side of the soccer fields and at the end of the bus barn so it’s actually closer then what we proposed on the survey, and much closer than the only other feasible option we had that was around 4 miles away with double the rent! We are currently working on the terms with the owner of the building who is happy to work with us which is so nice and also it’s about the same size of a warehouse space which is great. However, parking will still be tight, it’s not as visible, and we will work on some things that need to be improved (like seeing if we can get a second bathroom put in for example). That said, as to this temporary spot – we believe we will still be able to make it the welcoming and happy Helo that you have all come to expect and we will do our best to get it up to snuff. 

The transition is expected to happen in mid-September and we will keep you posted as soon as we have actual transition dates, etc. where we hope to make the location change and move as smooth as possible (I.e. we think we heard someone say that during moving week, one of the wods should be: For Time – Farmer Carry any Piece of Equipment down the road). Just joking … kind of, who knows – it could be fun:) 

Also, we are currently seeing if the increased rent will be low enough that we can just absorb it and do not have to implement the $5 rate increase proposed for all members. We may hold off on that until the new year if we can (January of 2020), where instead of carrying us through this temporary spot, it would be used instead towards additional costs with the benefits or perks for the new building. We hope that by avoiding any fee increase now, it will be seen as a thank you to each of you who choose to go with us to this new spot as we appreciate each and every one of you! 

Again, as most of you know, we have gone through months of searching for potential spots and reached out to numerous agents, with a lot of worry, where it was actually with the help of one of our members (that we are so grateful to) that this connection was made, and we are delighted to report that Helo will be continuing forward and going strong! 

Thank you all so much for reading this tonight and for making Helo great! 


Alecio & Julia 

Attention:  If you see Hil, make sure to congratulate her as she used her fitness to compete on a team and completed a half IronMan swim this weekend! If you are out kicking butt – make sure you send Alecio the pictures so we can post them!