Wednesday 8/14/19


On a 20:00 Minute Clock:
From 0:00- 10:00 – 2 Front
Squats Every Minute.
From 11:00-20:00 – 2 Back
Squats Every Minute.
Moderate to heavy load across
all sets.

We Interrupt our Tuesday Night Musings (One more time) for this (Second) Exciting News Flash! 

An updated special announcement brought to you by the Owners (Alecio and Julia)! 

We are happy and delighted to announce that we have now signed the lease papers for our temporary space to relocate Helo while we wait for our permanent space to be built next door and (Wait for it) …. we now have a move in date! Please Mark Your Calendars as Saturday, September 14, 2019 is the date we get to occupy the space and moving will officially commence! 

We anticipate the transition taking place over the September 14th weekend and hopefully we will be fully out of our current space by Monday, September 16th! 

Also, while rent will increase, we are happy to report that  it is still low enough that we can absorb it and we will not have to implement the $5 rate increase proposed until the new year (or January of 2020).  
Finally, the address is approximately 8455 South Welby Farm Road, Units B & C, in West Jordan, only about 1 mile away, and it is the same size we are currently in – so we are excited that we get to offer a great option for us to fill the gap!  

Again, we are so grateful that this connection was made, and we are delighted to report that Helo will be continuing forward and going strong! 

Thank you all so much for reading this tonight and for making Helo great! 


Alecio & Julia