Wednesday 7/10/19


3 Rounds:
400 Meter Run,
3 Rope Climbs,
400 Meter Row.
18 Minute Cap.

Tuesday Night Musings with Coach Ben. 
One word that doesn’t belong in Helo’s dictionary. 
S’up everybody! Tonight, I would like to take a little of your time and go off on a tangent of mine. I would like to address a word that gets thrown out every now and then, that I think should not be used by any athlete. It’s the worst four letter swear word of them all. The moment the word leaves someone’s lips, I instantly want to run full speed and dive headfirst into the wall. The terrible and crude word I am speaking of is “Can’t”. 
Man, I hate that damn word. Or when people apply it to themselves. It is so dangerous that I heard if you stand in a dark bathroom and say “I can’t” three times in front of a mirror, Voldemort will appear back from the dead and will throw some spell at you that will melt your eyes out or something. The only time I can think that “I can’t” is a respectable response is when I ask you to justify country music. 
I “can’t” can destroy a workout before you even make it to the gym. For example, it is late one evening and you hop on the WOD blog to scope tomorrow’s WOD and then you see muscle-ups and out comes that terrible swear word “I can’t do muscle-ups” and BAM! You don’t set your alarm and you sleep in and cherry pick the WOD. 
From now on, instead of saying “I can’t do that” I want you to change your statement to “what can I do this time so one day I can do that?”  Using that thought process will never give you the out of cherry picking, which means more time at the box and then ultimately gets you those gains. 
At the box we will never ask you to do something that you don’t feel safe doing. One of the best parts about CrossFit Helo is that there is so many different options of movements we can work on that in time if egos can be kept in check and you remain patient, I guarantee you will continue to advance your fitness. The only time a coach would continue to ask you do something is when that coach has been around with you for a long time and they know you can do it and are helping you step out of that bubble that has been kicking your gains in the private parts. There is nothing that all you bad asses “can’t” do – if you focus on what you can do. 
Thanks for letting me go off on another tangent and to show my appreciation I will leave you with a poem I wrote: “Roses are red, violets are blue, I hate the word can’t and country sucks too.”
Coach Ben