Wednesday 6/5/19


12 Minutes To Find
1 Rep Max Hang Clean.
The 12 Minute EMOM:
Minutes 1-3 Four Reps at 75%,
Minutes 4-6 Three Reps at 80%,
Minutes 7-9 Two Reps at 85%,
Minutes 10-12 One Rep at 90%.

Tuesday Night Musings with Coach Kyle. 
Consistency in the Box
Be consistent in the box. Everyone always asks what can I do to get more fit? Or what can I do to improve a certain movement or skill? And the overall answer to those questions is = consistency in the box + time spent trying to get better. 
I’ve been thinking about how much consistency has helped me with my fitness. Just showing up to the box is a win, however, the times I have seen the most improvement is when I am showing up 5 days a week with the mindset of either: I’m going to get stronger, or I am going to get more fit, or I am going to improve on something. 
Now, everyone goes through slumps and plateaus but then there will be times where you suddenly feel that workout high and/or you are setting personal records like crazy. Further, most of us go through phases where we are either super motivated and then we are … not so motivated.  And the key through each of these ups and downs – is to just stay consistent. Staying consistent and working through the downtimes in particular, is the best way to work towards the improvement and pr’s that every one thinks are so awesome!
That said, in addition to showing up 5 days a week, it also takes time and patience. Chances are – you are not going to reach your goals overnight. Sometimes I may go a year without having a pr on a lift. I know it gets hard waiting and waiting and it seems like nothing is happening. But if you are patient and stay consistent at working with purpose and improving your technique or skill set during the times when you are not motivated (and the times where you feel like nothing is going to ever get better) you will continue getting fitter and closer to your next level of fitness. It just takes some consistency in going to the box and continuing to chip away at those goals on a day to day basis.
So keep at it and I look forward to seeing each of you at Helo each week!
Thanks for reading.
Coach Kyle