Wednesday 5/8/19


For Time:
15 Ghd Sit-ups,
20 Toes To Bar,
25 Sit-ups,
30 V-ups,
25 Sit-ups,
20 Toes To Bar,
15 Ghd Sit-ups.
10 Minute Cap.

Then Death By 10 Meters!

Tuesday Night Musings with Coach Ben.
“All we need is just a little patience” – Axle Rose
S’up everyone:
Tonight, I just want to take a quick moment of your time and talk about something I’ve heard come up at the box a few times recently. 
Sometimes when I can tell someone is frustrated, during or after a WOD, I will ask them what’s on their mind and one thing that seems to keep popping up are these made up timetables that people keep putting on themselves regarding when they should be able to do certain skills. Sometimes athletes act like there is some unspoken rule that if you have been doing CrossFit for over one or two years, that you should be able to do muscle-ups or double-unders, unbroken all day and since they can’t yet than they must suck. I just want you to know that that couldn’t be further from the truth. 
Every single person that trains at Helo has, and/or will have, a movement that might take them a little longer to understand and learn. It’s also sometimes not just about understanding a movement, maybe a past injury or lack of mobility in a specific area is making it so at this moment you can’t do the movement until your mobility gets a little better. It could also be something as simple as you might not have the required strength yet to complete some of these movements and that’s fine. Patience and practice is key. If there’s a movement you really want to be able to do and you are actually putting in time and effort to learn it then who cares how long it takes. Just take pride in the fact that you are doing your best and that’s all that matters. 
Also, one other thing that you could always take advantage of is booking one on one training with any of the coaches at Helo. If you ever feel lost and need some outside help because you have tried everything you can on your own, then Helo offers $50 for an hour or $30 for half an hour of one on one training. Every single coach at the box would love to work with you on anything you would like. You can sign up for it on the site like any other class and then you can set up a time with a coach that works with your schedule.
Thanks again for reading my rant tonight and I’m serious when I say nobody at the box sucks. I love watching you guys and gals get a little fitter every day you train and again that’s what this is all about, helping you live your best and longest life! 
Coach Ben