Wednesday 3/6/19


Build to 1 Rep Max Overhead Squat
Then For Time:
50/35 Calories Bike,
20 Over Head Squats 95/65,
50′ Handstand Walk.
7 Minute Cap.

Tuesday Night Musings by Coach Preston.

Mindset: Becoming is better than being. 

I am currently reading a book titled Mindset.  In the book it suggests that there are two different mindsets that people possess, with one being superior to the other. 

The first one is the Fixed Mindset – a belief that you are born with (and without) certain qualities and these cannot be changed, developed or enhanced. What you have is carved in stone.

The second mindset is the Growth Mindset – a belief that you can continuously change and grow through challenges. You have the ability to become smarter, more charismatic, more athletic, etc. 

The book says that everyone has both mindsets in one way or another but some people are guided more through the Fixed Mindset, whereas others are more in tune with the Growth Mindset. 

With The Open upon us, I can see that our Helo community is more in tune with the Growth Mindset. I have seen a lot of our athletes take on challenging and sometimes frightening workouts over the last 2 weekends. You’ve stepped under that bar, in front of that wall, or over that barbell and gave your best to challenge your fitness and to grow. That is what this whole fitness journey is about - growth. And the Open is the perfect opportunity to push your limits and accelerate your growth. 

You should all be super proud of yourselves, the work you have put in, and will continue to put in over the next 3 weeks. You will definitely grow and be a more confident athlete on the other side of this challenge. If you chose not to do the Open this year for whatever reason, maybe you were a little too nervous, or maybe you got caught in the Fixed Mindset trap by thinking you can’t do it or you aren’t good enough?  Now you have some time to think about the why before that next Open. I encourage you to challenge  your mind and accept the challenge as an opportunity to grow. Also, try to flex your Growth Mindset in as many ways as possible so it will be in tune and ready to accept the challenge the next time around! 

Thanks for reading! 


Coach Preston