Wednesday 3/13/19


Teams of 2:
Station 1 – Calories Ski,
Station 2 – 10 Meter Sprints,
Station 3 – Calories Row,
Station 4 – Calories Bike.
Teams will spend 6 Minutes at each station.
One person works while the other rests. Switch the rest/work
every minute.

Tuesday Night Musings by Coach Ben. 
The struggle is real and I love it. 
Hi all you sexy mother chucker’s! Yup, that’s right, I’m talking to you ladies and gentlemen. Watching all of you throw yourselves to the wolves during the Open each week gets me all warm and tingly inside.  I’m serious. For how much enjoyment I get out of watching you guys step up to the edge of a crazy high diving platform knowing how messy this could get for yourself and you’re still like f- this and you swan dive in, I should have to pay you.
I am still blown away that in all the years I have been doing and judging the Open I have never seen any one fail. I know sometimes people walk away from the wod feeling like they failed but I’m telling you right now – they didn’t. You know how I know they didn’t? Because I don’t find failure sexy and I just told all of you gals and guys you are sexy mother chucker’s and I don’t lie, that’s how. 
It’s very human of us to put some dumb expectations that came from who knows where that never mattered and we think we failed when really we just faced a real challenge. Going up against a challenge that isn’t any struggle sounds about as much of a turn on as having a romantic dinner in a outhouse that has sat in 100 degree temps and it hasn’t been emptied for a month.  
Every single person working out at Helo will face a real battle at some point or another and I love it. That’s what makes CrossFit Helo so rad and super sexy. 
One of the things we talk about a lot in the Open is how big of a mental game it is and how you are your own biggest competition, but guess what? Sometimes certain movements really are just that hard and it’s not you versus you, it’s you versus a very specific movement and that’s okay. This last week is a great example of what I love about Fridays in the Open. The most exciting part of the day for me was not the final heat throwing down, it was watching the people fight for 10 minutes on the overhead lunges and box step ups. Don’t get me wrong -watching some beasts go super fast and see how far they can go is fun, but watching someone in a battle with balancing a weight overhead that is heavy for them and then lunging it 200 feet, and if they are able to finish that to go to war with now stepping up on a box with that weight too, now that’s the shit. Wow, now I feel like I need to light up a cigarette after even just talking about it.  Coming up to a new or a very hard movement for you and not knocking it out of the park doesn’t make you a failure it just means you are human. Be excited to know you have something to work on. It could be a number of things like mobility, coordination, or strength. Either way it’s always awesome to know that if you really put some effort into whatever it is things could be different the next time you face that challenge again. 
There also might be some movements we face that we will never be able to master and I’m telling you this now from the bottom of my heart, who gives a shit. There could be all kinds of determining factors for why we can’t. Not being able to do a muscle-up or receiving the perfect snatch in the bottom doesn’t make you any less of a sexy mother chucker and anybody that says or thinks it does is an ugly person and we don’t want to waste our time on those ugly people. We only have time in life for the sexy things, right! 
So with these last two weeks of the Open coming up and when you are doing the wods and all of the sudden a big wall sits right in your path of where you need to get to I want you to remember one thing, I’m a sexy mother chucker and sexy mother chuckers chuck themselves at adversity and if I come out bloody from that wall who cares because when it’s all said and done I know I did the best I could and that makes me super sexy dammit. 
Well, ladies and gentlemen thanks again for taking the time to read our little blogs. Have a good night and keep on keeping on! 
Coach Ben