Wednesday 10/9/19


Then 2 Sets of 10 Front Squats At 80%.
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Tuesday Night Musings with Coach Ben.

The Best Part of the Open.
Hey boys and girls!
I don’t have lots of time so I’m going to go straight for the meat and potatoes. It’s that time of year again where for the next 5 weeks we all get to sit by a computer anxiously waiting to find out what craziness Castro has in store for us this time. Pretty much everyone by now has heard what the Open is and what awesome and fun times that comes with it. So instead of focusing on that for today’s quick little blog I just want to focus on what I believe the Open in NOT.
So right out of the gate what I want to focus on for what the Open isn’t is it’s sure as hell not the end of the world depending on how you do. Whatever happens during the next few weeks doesn’t seal your fate for all time and eternity. I know you guys and gals are going to do your best and kick ass, but just in case something doesn’t go the way you expected it to – know it’s okay. You are still an amazing fitness phenomenon.
One thing Castro can’t take into account while putting together his evil concoctions is your life outside of the box. I know we always want to be better then last year, but unfortunately, you can’t control all of the different stressors that come with being alive. Maybe this year you just brought a brand new baby into this crazy world or maybe you started a brand new job that comes with a ton of new responsibilities. It’s not really fair to compare every year of your life as the same. You will have some good WOD’s and some bad and that’s normal.
The second thing that I believe the CrossFit Open is not is a place to prove you are better or worse then someone or everyone else. It’s totally fine to have a friendly competition and help each other give their all.
The best part of the Open for me is the community coming together and supporting each other. If you get stuck in a spot where you are so focused on what everyone else’s score is on the board and how you will compare I promise you it will only back fire on you, and instead of being excited about the Open each year you will only dread it and then soon you won’t want to be a part of it anymore. You do you, the best you possibly can and that will be enough. Have fun and take it easy on yourself and let’s make this Open the best ever!
Thanks again for letting me rant and I’m excited to party with everyone during our Friday Night Lights! 


Coach Ben