Tuesday 10/8/19


5 Strict Pull-ups,
10 Strict Knees To Elbow,
15 Hand Release Push-ups.

Attention: Tomorrow morning you can park in the lot and it sounds like they may be painting the lines around 12 p.m. so we will figure it out:) Also, the Open is starting this week – Bobbi and Clay are doing their amazing taco bar – whohoo, it’s always a fun party and get signed up – you can do every wod RX or scaled! Further, we are opening up the Bowling Night on Oct. 19th to anyone now who wants to come!! Make it a bowling, date, or hang out night, as we have rented the whole back room, there are 4 lanes with 8 peeps per lane, a pool table, and a dart board, with kids welcome (and there is a bar to)! Should be a fun night and a thank you for all of you being awesome!