Thursday – 5/7/20


We are happy to say that we are back up and running with the required state and county safety measures in place! That said, please note we have decided that going forward, all wods and daily notes will be posted on SugarWOD only for our active athletes – so download the App if you are a paying member and have not done so already:)

Attention:  Thank you to everyone who came today – we hope it was a positive experience!  We wanted to note that there are a few members of the box that are being deployed for a year tomorrow of the 1st Attack/Reconnaissance Battalion, 211th Aviation Regiment.  We hope you will keep the following individuals: Cam, Jewkes, Brook, and Twitch, in your thoughts as we wish them, and their families, all the best.  They will each be missed and we hope for their safe and speedy return.