Thursday 3/14/19


EMOM x 20 Minutes:
Odd Minutes Movement 1,
Even Minutes Movement 2.
Athletes get to pick two movements that
they want to work-on or do. Examples
are things like double-unders, muscle-ups,
overhead squats, sled push, rope climbs,
or sandbags. Pick two movements

and work on them!

Attention: For 19.4 and this Friday Night Lights – it will be a St. Paddy’s day theme! Wear your best green outfits to work out in or cheer people on and also feel free to bring green food and treats as we will be bringing Jack’s Donuts but any homemade specialties or Irish delights will be welcomed with open arms!! As always, if you are not going on Friday night, please sign up on the board ahead of time or let Alecio know!