Monday 3/16/20


On a 10:00 Clock:
Every :30:
One 3-Position Power Clean.

At Home Workout
For Time:
:30 Plank hold after each round.


Second Important Announcement:  Regarding this Week, the Coronavirus, and signing up for SugarWOD.

It’s been a pretty tumultuous week with the coronavirus and the recent developments. It has not been a fun weekend in that Julia and I have argued over the best approach behind the scenes.  However, given the strong pressure to act conscientiously with social distancing, and with several reputable boxes closing down (CFNE, Reebok CrossFit 1) we will be keeping the box open this week, yet will (although we do not want to) likely have to put in effect the 2 week pause if cases continue to multiply in Utah at a rapid rate, or something further comes down from the state or CrossFit headquarters. It appears we are about a week and a half to 2 weeks behind other states on the east coast, where we have a few days to continue to assess. As a result, we are going to outline the following plan for Helo as it stands today. 

We have let our coaches know earlier today that if they do not wish to be coaching this week, we will get their classes covered as we want everyone at Helo to be comfortable, coaches first and foremost.  Further, we are continuing to encourage people to wash their hands before class, after class, and wipe down their equipment. We cannot stress enough that if you, or your children feel sick at all, please do not come in to class.  Further, if you are diagnosed with a positive coronavirus test, while your identity will be kept strictly confidential, please let us know immediately as we have reporting requirements with the Dept of Health as an employer, and we would want to do all we can to ensure the best outcome possible in that situation for everyone.

In addition, in the next few days we will have both online and home wod programming available as we are currently paying for and installing SugarWOD which is the online Wod tracking and interactive system that we had planned to implement earlier this year. This week we will be asking all members and coaches to download the app and start using it by this Wednesday if possible.  It’s a pretty neat tracking system and lets all athletes interact and talk, which may be key in the upcoming weeks/months. It is our plan to get you the link to download the app tomorrow.  We are excited as we plan to have this long term as a new benefit to our members. 

Further, if we do have to implement a 2 week halt or closure, we will be paying our coaches for those 2 weeks for their scheduled classes as we know some of them rely on those funds.  After that time period we will have to assess based on where we are at, and what the membership base is looking like going forward, although our plan is to get Helo back up and running as soon as possible and for the long term. 

Through SugarWOD, as mentioned above we will be offering online and home programming. We anticipate making available both Wod programming with equipment and home programming without it. There will likely be stretching and running components as well that can be done at home. 

If a closure comes, we will be asking, you the members and our coaches, to stick with us through this process.  Please note that we will not be offering partial refunds for a formal 2 week closure (diff then the 2 week travel) and as members, you are welcome to cancel but if you do, you will be reinstated at present rates for your membership. 

Also, we are also considering loaning out some basic equipment like kettlebells, dumbbells etc. but more thought will be put into that.

Finally, as we know some of you will ask – what if 2 weeks go by and reopening is not feasible or permitted, what happens then? 

We would like to ask you, the members and our coaches to stay on, or even do so under a discounted rate. We would like to do that because we would still need to cover our rent costs and we would like to ensure our coaches are okay, along with us, as we all struggle through this together. We would like the Helo community to continue, where perhaps we would come up with some additional challenges (nutrition challenge with one canned food item recipe a week anyone ). We will be canceling anyone who requests at that point and certainly understand.  

Please note that we are writing this with heavy hearts and if we can avoid a closure we will, but if not, then we will be providing updates this week as we get things in place and proceed with SugarWOD, as we are looking forward to utilizing some online programming and continuing the Helo community in the great way we have come to know for the last 7 years. 

Thank you as always for your consideration.  

Alecio & Julia
Owners of CF Helo